What to Expect from a Home Inspection in Henly, Texas

What to Expect from a Home Inspection in Henly, Texas

  • Elisabeth Hay
  • 10/1/22

A home inspection is standard practice when you buy a home. After your bid is accepted, a home inspection must be done before the sale goes through. You have probably heard that a home inspection is the most important thing you can do before you fully commit to a new home, but you may not quite appreciate why it’s so important.

When it comes to buying a new property, a home inspection is essential. Before you commit to a no-contingent offer, let’s look at what you can expect from a home inspection in Texas and how you can best prepare for it.

Who pays for a home inspection?

Great question! If you’ve never bought Henly, TX real estate, you might not realize it, but it’s not the property seller who pays for the home inspection. It’s the buyer’s obligation.
You can’t get a home inspection on just any property, though. Before you shell out the few hundred dollars for a professional walkthrough, you must place an offer on the property and have it accepted. Once that happens, you and the seller enter into a contract to purchase the desired Henly or Dripping Springs real estate. The agreement will lay out contingencies that will allow the buyer to potentially back out were something to happen.
It’s typical to include a contingency of inspection on the property. If the inspector finds something wrong and the seller doesn’t respond to the inspection promptly, the buyer can legally back out. Even if there isn’t a contingency, it’s still important to do the inspection to know what you’re getting into.

Interior inspection of the home

The home inspection has two parts: the interior and the exterior. Both are equally important, and they examine different things. Walking through the interior of your “perfect” piece of Henly, TX real estate yourself is very different from an inspector walking through it.
Plumbing is a significant feature your inspector will look at. They should check all visible plumbing sources, look for obvious leaks, and test the water pressure. Bathrooms will also get a scrutinized look, and the inspector will ensure that the toilets are properly secured and the ventilation is good.
If your Dripping Springs real estate is older than a year or two, your inspector may consider suggesting an additional inspection to look for issues with the older pipes. They will also tell you what the material is made of. While lead isn’t very common, there are older properties that may still have it.
Electrical features are the next big thing an inspector will look at; the inspector will be able to tell you what type of electrical is running through the house. They will check your electrical panel to ensure it’s laid out correctly and that all the essential grounds are working properly.
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (vitally important when talking about Henly, TX real estate in the summer!), and your water heater are also on the list. The inspector will take the time to look at the age of the units and determine if the airflow in your new home is good, ensuring there are no leaks or airway issues. The inspector will also help determine if your insulation has asbestos, which can happen with older Henly or Dripping Springs real estate.
The kitchen appliances will also get the same treatment, as will the laundry room. The final part of your interior inspection will be the fire rating of the house.

Exterior inspection of the home

Once the inside is done, the outside is next. The exterior is just as important as the interior, but for different reasons. The foundation is probably the essential thing that the inspector will look at. If the foundation isn't visible, they can look for signs of cracking or settling that could indicate foundational issues. They will inspect exterior walls for this and potential damage from bugs like termites.
The grading is also essential; many new buyers don’t consider it. If your lawn isn’t graded correctly, water will run into your Dripping Springs real estate rather than away from it. You could end up with significant water damage and erosion.
The roof is also part of a good inspection; the inspector should physically get up to look at its condition. From far away, it may look fine, but close up, they will be able to determine the age and condition, potential spots for leaks, and any damage. The gutters will also be examined.
Finally, if you have a garage, the inspector will take a look at that. Garage inspections are also crucial because one of the things the inspector will look for is ventilation. A dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide can happen if your garage isn't appropriately vented. Framing and structural integrity will also be checked, especially if the garage is a later addition to your new purchase.

What the home inspection won’t cover

Home inspections are important, but they won’t cover everything. An inspector doesn’t have X-ray vision, and any issues hiding inside walls won’t be seen. Pipes and sewer lines also won’t be seen from the inside, so any hidden issues won’t be known.
An inspector can spot the obvious signs of termite damage in your new Dripping Springs real estate, but they don’t treat it and won’t go out of their way to find it. Likewise, major engineering problems or mold hidden under carpets or behind walls won’t be seen. While they can guess if you have asbestos in your insulation or flooring, they won’t test it. You’ll need to have a mediation team come out to handle that.

What happens after the inspection

Once your inspector has walked through the property, you can expect a report within a few weeks. Sometimes you’ll get it sooner, but it may take longer, depending on the size of the property and how busy the inspector is.
After getting the report, you have to act within the contract. If you have an inspection contingency clause, you can approach the seller with any significant issues and ways to work together to find a solution. Otherwise, you may be able to walk away.
If you’re looking at Dripping Springs, Henley, TX real estate, or another piece of property in the area but feel lost during the process, consider giving Elisabeth Hay a call. Elisabeth has handled some of the best homes in the area and sold millions of dollars in real estate during her career. She can help guide you through buying a home, set you up with the best contract that makes sense, and get you into the perfect piece of Dripping Springs real estate sooner.

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