Real Estate Industry Secrets to Buying and Selling Your Home Quickly

Real Estate Industry Secrets to Buying and Selling Your Home Quickly

  • Elisabeth Hay
  • 08/7/22

Life doesn’t always follow a predictable path. Sometimes, unexpected opportunities come knocking, and you need to sell your home — and buy another — quickly so as not to miss out. Sounds impossible? It’s not. With some organization, can-do spirit, and a clear strategy, your Johnson City real estate can be sold quickly and efficiently. Or, if you’re relocating to the area, you can find the perfect place for your family among the Johnson City, Texas, homes for sale.

From listing to closing in record time

Preparation and a tech-savvy marketing strategy are your keys to success in selling Johnson City real estate.


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What’s happening in the real estate market in your town? For the last several months, Johnson City real estate has been consistently listing at an average of $1.5 million. Homes take approximately three months to sell, and the market continues to favor the seller as there are more people looking to buy homes than there is available inventory.
Do you know your home’s worth? Having a home appraisal is always a part of the home-selling process, but it’s typically funded by the homebuyer as part of the loan qualification process. If you opt to have an appraisal done on your home before it’s listed, this will help you in two ways. First, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about the listing price for your home, and second, it will provide an objective third-party validation of your price.
Do your homework before choosing a real estate agent. Research as many potential agents as possible, paying close attention to how long they have been working in the industry, their experience with Johnson City, Texas, homes for sale, and the endorsements of previous clients. It’s also important to learn about their approaches to marketing properties. When you’ve narrowed your options to a few likely candidates, meet with and interview the agents. Select the one who’s most alert to the current market, has a clear and assertive marketing strategy, and understands their role as your advocate.


Homebuyers are looking for move-in-ready properties. Consider hiring a home inspector to investigate every aspect of your home’s condition, and then use the inspection report as a basis for your home repair projects. Evidence of leaks, roof damage, and poorly working appliances are instant red flags.
Reduce the contents of your home. Take down personal photos and mementos and pack them away. Eliminate clutter and extra furniture. Remove knick-knacks and small appliances from horizontal surfaces. The decluttering also goes for closets, cabinets, and under sinks, as every inch of your home will be scrutinized by serious homebuyers. Half-empty closets and cabinets communicate to buyers that your home has more than ample storage space.
Freshen up your property inside and out. Add colorful flowers and fresh mulch to beds. Touch up exterior paint and stains, paying close attention to the front entrance. Pressure wash the exterior, including the driveway and sidewalk, so that everything looks clean and new. Curb appeal makes a tremendous difference, and some homebuyers won’t even step inside your home if they don’t like what they see outside. Inside, modernize dated fixtures, have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced, give walls a coat of neutral paint, and update window dressings to allow maximum natural lighting.


Once the repairs and the decluttering have been completed, it's time to make your Johnson City home for sale shine. It may be worthwhile to hire a professional cleaning service for the duration of the time your house is for sale to ensure everything is in top condition. Don’t neglect spaces such as the attic and the garage, as a little cleaning and organization can go a long way. If you maintain a high level of attention to detail, this shows that your home has been meticulously cared for.

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Staging your home involves artful arrangements of furniture, decor, and more to suggest the potential for a life well-lived in your space and to accentuate the best features of each room. Professional stagers are well worth the investment, as their design, photography, and virtual tours are the first things people see when looking at your home. An estimated 94 percent of homebuyers today begin their searches with online tours and viewing. It’s not uncommon for people to buy homes without ever setting foot on the property simply based on what they see online.
Exercise flexibility while your home is on the market. Say “yes” as often as possible when agents want to schedule a showing, even if the timing is inconvenient. If your home is kept clean and ready for a showing with little notice, and you have a plan in place for those short-notice appointments, your stress will be tremendously reduced.

Be a savvy homebuyer

New job, new home, new life. All the newness can quickly become overwhelming. You may be asking where does one even begin, and how can you avoid being swept up in a whirlwind if the process is happening quickly?

Practical matters

Homebuying is a major financial investment, and without getting your finances in order, you won’t qualify for a mortgage. Check your credit scores with all three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Transunion, and Experion. The higher your score, the better mortgage rate you’ll qualify for. Reduce your debt/income ratio by paying off credit cards, car notes, student loans, etc. Meet with your financial advisor to review your assets, ensuring you have funds readily accessible for earnest money and a down payment. They can also assist you in determining the right price point at which to look for your new home. Speak with mortgage lenders and get a preapproval letter from the one who offers you the best rates and conditions.

Needs and wants

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Relocating is the perfect time to assess your family’s lifestyle and decide what matters to you. Do you like wide open spaces with lots of privacy, or do you prefer an active community life with nearby neighbors? If you have school-aged children, which public school districts or private schools suit your family’s needs? How far are you willing to commute? What interests does your family share? Would you like to free up some money to take more vacations, or are you willing to pay more for a house to get needed space? After thoughtful reflection, make a list of the features your new home must have, as well as things that would be nice to have but are also negotiable. Share this list with your real estate agent so they can help narrow your search until you find the perfect home.

Advocate and ally

Your real estate agent is likely the first friend you will make in Johnson City. They will guide you through the decisions and paperwork process, schedule showings and closings, and fight for you at the negotiation table. They can also provide a wealth of information about painters, plumbers, electricians, lawn care services, and a host of other vital connections you don’t want to be left cold-calling. That’s why, if you want to buy Johnson City real estate, you need Elisabeth Hay. Reach out to her today if you’re ready to take the leap into your homebuying journey.

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